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The EMU ERCU not only cuts down on carbon emissions but also bolsters your financial performance. The EMU excels in scenarios where the generator's capacity exceeds the necessary load. Thanks to our exclusive intelligent controller, it efficiently harnesses all the energy produced by the generator, enabling it to operate at peak efficiency. Once the internal storage system is fully charged, the generator switches off automatically, and the load is seamlessly powered directly by the EMU.


Spending outrageous amounts of money on fuel and generator maintenance is a thing of the past. That's a promise.



The EMU optimizes generator operation by precisely aligning real-time load requirements with the most suitable available power source, thereby curbing fuel usage, extending maintenance intervals, and slashing carbon emissions. Powered by our intelligent controller, the EMU offers a range of functionalities including power source prioritization, flow regulation, and peak power supervision. These capabilities facilitate enhanced generator efficiency, distinguishing the EMU ERCU as the sole product in its class capable of intelligently managing interactions between power sources, loads, and components of energy storage systems at this level of sophistication.


Beyond the fundamental features of the EMU, our advanced intelligent controller incorporates diagnostic and testing capabilities aimed at proactively prolonging the lifespan of your generator while maintaining optimal performance.

Adhering to manufacturer-specific maintenance and testing protocols, the EMU periodically conducts load bank testing utilizing its integrated storage system as necessary. This ensures that your generator operates at peak efficiency and remains robust over time.


The EMU ERCU unit features wireless communication capabilities, enabling real-time monitoring of runtime, battery bank condition, energy output, startup frequency, and subsequent emissions reduction performance. Keep a close eye on your units through our online platform at, where you can create a customized dashboard tailored to showcase the key performance indicators crucial to your business, customers, and stakeholders. Additionally, take charge of your generator's operations remotely with the convenient start and stop control functions accessible via our online dashboard, compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers.



Utilizes leading-edge ultra-capacitor technology
• Designed for noisy rural, mains power. Outputs clean, sinewave power
• Accepts up to 200A charge and manages spike loads
• Rated life of over 500,000 cycles
• Does not require thermal conditioning and tested from -40°C to +50°C ambient. • Real time telemetry for system monitoring and digital carbon credits
• CEC/NEC compliant
• No dangerous goods


Conventional wisdom dictates generators should operate at 80% of capacity or greater to prevent wet stacking. Below this threshold and wet stacking becomes a serious concern, leading to increased fuel consumption, generator maintenance, and decrease in generator lifespan. The EMU ERCU dials in the perfect operating range to prevent wet stacking. Protect your work environment and generator with our proprietary intelligent controller.

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